Arsenal Needed Sergio Ramos

If I was Mikel Arteta, the one signing I would have absolutely gone after this transfer window would have been Sergio Ramos. Arsenal, as a club, are in a decline. Never before there have been so many players who are this timid. The spine is gone; there is no bravery among the squad. They turn […]

An Open Letter to Virat Kohli

Dear Virat I try not to be critical of you but it is high time to leave the captaincy and hand it over to someone else, gracefully. Too many 2nd finishes and semifinals is not good enough for Indian cricket team. If a captain is not winning trophies, his tactics should be questioned. Please play […]

The World May Want You to Fail

Originally posted on Tushar's Blog:
For an Indian cricket fan, the 2018 Nidahas Trophy is a sweet memory. The tournament was not exceptional. India sent a team without a couple of stars and gave Rohit Sharma the leadership role. He took India to the final where his team was on the verge of losing.…