Arsenal Needed Sergio Ramos

Only if this would have happened (Source)

If I was Mikel Arteta, the one signing I would have absolutely gone after this transfer window would have been Sergio Ramos.

Arsenal, as a club, are in a decline. Never before there have been so many players who are this timid. The spine is gone; there is no bravery among the squad. They turn up because they are paid handsomely for that. If the squad has passion and they have fire burning inside them, I am yet to see it. From captain to coach; everybody is clueless. And the less said about the owners, the better.

But for time being; let us stick to the players. And that brings me back to Sergio Ramos.

The man needs no introduction. If you are here reading my unknown blog; I will safely assume that you know Ramos. A Real Madrid legend who has won almost everything in football and at the age of 35; still has that fire burning inside him.

Transfers in football are not easy. With big money involved; there are always doubt about what if he fails. Examples are numerous. In recent memory, Nicolas Pepe stands out. He is OK but is he worth the money Arsenal paid? I doubt that.

But there are times when you need a character in your squad which can impact not just the current players but the generations to come. Sergio Ramos is that character.

The man is a machine made of steel. Maybe he is not always pleasing to the eye like Virgil Van Dijk but for a defender, the job is to get the job done i.e., to keep the opponents away from his goal. And Ramos has scored some real important goals too. He has done it superbly for Madrid and Spain. PSG have got themselves an absolute steal.

If Arteta would have got him as it was reported that Arsenal did make an offer; he would have had a tremendous impact on not just the squad but the club as a whole. The spine would have come back. Ramos have swagger with arrogance to go with the talent he possesses. How dearly Arsenal needed him right now. They neither have swagger nor arrogance. Almost everyone has the belief that they can get better of Arsenal.

I see Pablo Mari and sometimes he feels to me like a deer in a headlight- confused and clueless. Rob Holding hasn’t held anything while the opponents robbed the goals under his nose for almost half a decade. Gabriel is still bedding. And please don’t mention Chambers, Cedric and Kolasinac. The deadwood at this club is mind boggling.

Arsenal have spent around 130 million pounds this summer. They have got 6 players. What they didn’t get is a player who could tell their clubs how to be bold and tough- players like Ramos, Azpilicueta, Fernandinho. The season has already begun badly with their worst start ever.

This could be a long and maybe a bad season at the Emirates.

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