An Open Letter to Virat Kohli

Dear Virat

I try not to be critical of you but it is high time to leave the captaincy and hand it over to someone else, gracefully.

Too many 2nd finishes and semifinals is not good enough for Indian cricket team. If a captain is not winning trophies, his tactics should be questioned.

Please play purely as a batsman, the time when we saw the best of you. You still have 4-5 years of cricket left. Many more hundreds and unbelievably planned chases please from you, Kohli. But the leadership isn’t working anymore.

World cup 2023 is in India and a couple of years away. Maybe Rohit, maybe Pant can be captain but if Indian cricket needs trophies, it doesn’t look like happening under you.

And I know I sound like just another armchair expert from the millions of cricket experts in this country but what to do, I just can’t see Indian cricket going south.

Sometimes you are so close to things that you can’t see them properly. People guessed that watching cricket from outside while half a dozen infant type cricketers defeated Aus in Aus will give you a better perspective.

Nothing has changed. Passion is good but it isn’t bringing results. And many fans like me are tired of seeing this amazing team win bilateral series. It is high time the team brings some ICC trophy home.

Lets hope the better sense will prevail from your side.

Just another fan.

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